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About Capital Matters

As America emerges from the worst recession of our lifetimes, our country is faced with the challenge of creating millions of new jobs annually just to get back to where we were before the crash.  All the evidence indicates that these jobs must come from small and mid-sized private companies, typically those employing from 10 to 500 people.  History has shown that the major corporations and financial institutions cannot be depended upon to create these jobs.

Yet private business owners are faced with a tremendous dilemma.  While capital is readily available for the big banks and the multinational corporations, the traditional financing sources (banks, IPOs, angel investors) are often no longer there when they require financing to support growth and new hiring.

We are entrepreneurs like you and have experienced firsthand the pain of financial crisis.  Our goal is to provide you  with actionable information to help you understand how business growth can be financed in this new environment and to champion  private entrepreneurial firms as they struggle to be heard in a media world too often focused on the most powerful elements of the business community to the detriment of private firms.

John Slater Publisher

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