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What Really Matters in the Long Run

Posted on January 4, 2016

The holidays tend to be a time for reflection, time spent with family and friends and time spent with ourselves contemplating the future.  This year has been no exception. Friday was our first Christmas with our new daughter-in-law and we all look forward to future holidays with grandchildren and the noise and excitement to come.  We have much to be thankful for.

This was also a holiday season that included three funerals.  Two were for adult children of long-time friends.  It’s impossible to imagine the pain they feel.  We share their grief.  Burying a child is not in the natural order of things and events like these remind us that we are not in control of the future.

The third funeral provided a different perspective, that of a life well lived.  We had the opportunity to celebrate the passing of an extraordinary entrepreneur, who made the most of the days he was given.  This was a man who lived each of his 91 years to the fullest.  He was a talented engineer, who, together with his wife of fifty years, also a highly talented engineer, created a vital technology still used around the world to bring light to places where it didn’t exist before.  He created a still thriving business and successfully transitioned its ownership to a new generation of management.  If the story stopped there, we would consider his life to be a great success.

But the story does not stop there.  This entrepreneurial couple also lost their son, their only child, who had been burdened with a challenging learning disability.  The pain of that loss would have been crippling for many of us.  Not for this remarkable couple.  Out of their personal tragedy they had the vision to build and support a remarkable school that equips dyslexic children and young adults with read the rest

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